State-of-the-art facilities and a world-renowned faculty of surgeons make the NYU Vein Center one of the world's top vein treatment centers and the first and only Vein Center of its kind in New York City. Our experienced vascular surgeons have developed innovative, minimally invasive procedures for treating spider veins and varicose veins, as well as other types of venous disease including DVT, PE, and venous ulcers.


The NYU Vein Center is a part of the NYU Division of Vascular and Endovascular Surgery. All of the surgeons in the Vein Center stress the minimally invasive approach to the diagnosis and treatment of vein abnormalities. Our surgeons are committed to the mission of academic medicine and are dedicated to improving the care of patients with venous disease through their clinical practices, research endeavors, and educational commitments. They are also called upon to teach their techniques to other surgeons around the world.

Call 1-877 VEIN NYU (834-6698) to schedule an appointment.